What's going on

Been a while so I think it's time to check in...

Since getting laid off in Yuma, Ariz., it's been a bit of a roller coaster. Worked odd jobs in San Diego as a rock n' roll super star until it was time to move back to Ellensburg, Wash., but this time for work, not to go to school and sleep in.

I've been the Design Editor at the Ellensburg Daily Record for about a year and a half now. It's stayed very fast pace and I've taken my design skills to a new level. I'm in charge of almost all of the special publications including the quarterly Kittitas Valley Living magazine which has been a blast to design. I've also continued to write, winning an award for my profile on a local music professor.

 Like any newspaper it's never boring, but like any newspaper, times are tough. But until the next opportunity comes, I'll be designing my heart out.


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